I am a Redwood City native and community activist. I ran for city council in 2013 as city's first openly gay candidate and the only candidate with a track record of advocating for affordable housing and environmental protection.

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29 April 2013 - Images of queer dissent and protest at a rally to support Bradley Manning and decry the SF Pride board’s cowardly decision to renege on the decision to elect Bradley Manning to be SF Pride’s 2013 Grand Marshal.

Speakers included former SF Pride Grand Marshal Joey Cain who nominated Manning (pictured in the fifth photo), and spoke at length about the selection process and the board’s capitulation. Daniel Ellsberg, the famous whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon papers, was also present and spoke. He arrived and then later peaced out in a cute red convertible (see last photo), which was awesome.

Ellsberg, who was to have taken Manning’s place in the Pride parade since Manning remains on trial, vowed to march in the parade as Grand Marshal one way or another, regardless of SF Pride’s decision.

Peninsula Direct Action (PDA) and Occupy Redwood City (ORWC) were present at the event.

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